Functional Disk Pump
  • Powered by small AC induction motor.
  • Propels working fluid over a waterfall

Functional Disk Blower

  • Powered by small AC induction motor.
  • Could be used to propel the disk turbine.

Functional Tesla Disk Turbine

  • Operated with compressed air.
  • Powers a small AC generator with an incandescent lamp load.
  • Supplied by Gyroscopes Online / Gyroscopes.org
    • www.gyroscopes.org 
    • Gyroscope.com's Tesla turbine 
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      From: "Glenn Turner" <[email protected]>
      To: "Gary Peterson" <[email protected]>
      Sent: Monday, May 30, 2005 3:50 PM
      Subject: Re: Photo Archive Rates


      I've been waiting to get the turbine page up on the website before contacting you again.

      Here it is:

      I would be interested in any feedback or suggestions.

      Quite a bit more will be done to the page once the turbines go on sale (delayed by a week or two). I hope to do some diagrams to show how they work (at least on a simple level).

      I think we can come to some sort agreement with regarding the turbine for TWP. I would be happy to send you a Tesla Turbine if you can add a link to www.gyroscope.com and allow me to put some business cards or postcards with details where to buy it. I would send you 500 or so to hand out. I did some postcards for one of the gyroscopes with a colour photograph on one side and technical details on the other side. All you would need is a air compressor (assuming you actually want to show it running).

      Would something like this be ok?

      BTW: When picking the generator for the turbine DC and AC versions were looked at. In the end 3 phase AC won outright. So its sort of demonstrating two Tesla inventions in one !


      Glenn Turner  -  e-mail: [email protected]

      Gyroscopes Online / Gyroscopes.org

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      > Glenn,
      > Please feel free to use any of the turbine photographs that are posted
      > online at www.teslascience.org.  Credit should be given to the "Tesla
      > Wardenclyffe Project Archives."  Any contribution that you make to our
      > organization will be appreciated.
      > The TWP is presently working to upgrade its' "Traveling Wardenclyffe
      > Exhibit" and a small Tesla turbine would be a fantastic addition.  Might it
      > be possible that your contribution could assume the form of a working model?
      > If so, arrangements will be made so your company is identified as sponsoring
      > the exhibit element.
      > Regards,
      > Gary
      > Gary Peterson
      > Tesla Wardenclyffe Project, Inc.
      > P.O. Box 8041
      > Breckenridge, CO 80424-8041
      > Phone: 970-453-9293   Fax: 970-453-6692
      > www.teslascience.org
      > cc: TWP Board of Directors
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      > From: "Glenn Turner" <[email protected]>
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      > Sent: Saturday, May 21, 2005 7:58 AM
      > Subject: Photo Archive Rates
      >>I wonder if you can help. We should have a working model tesla
      >> turbine on sale at http://www.gyroscope.com/ within the next month.
      >> Its been commissioned by myself and will be sold mainly to educational
      >> establishments.
      >> I was wondering if I can have permission to reuse the 6 turbine/pump
      >> pictures at http://www.teslascience.org/archive/archive.htm
      >> I figure this could help us both. 1) To help explain tesla turbines
      >> 2) To make people aware of your cause.
      >> I would of course put a link to your site and make a small donation.
      >> If this is of interest to you please get back to me asap.
      >> Many Thanks,
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