Nikola Tesla Lecture Series

WARDENCLYFFE AND THE WORLD SYSTEM : The history and design of Nikola Tesla’s wireless telecommunications facility on Eastern Long Island

"It has been suggested the prototype plant was intended as the first installation in a global power distribution system.  Actually, it was to serve as the western component of a trans-Atlantic wireless telecommunications link. . . ."

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On July 10, 1997 in Shoreham, New York noted Tesla historian and researcher James M. Hardesty presented a lecture entitled NIKOLA TESLA: AN HISTORICAL SCIENTIFIC PERSPECTIVE. The talk was held on Long Island at the Albert Prodell Middle School, Randall Road, Shoreham, N.Y. First there was an afternoon presentation for youngsters at 4:30pm. All seats were $4.00. At 7:00pm the seats were $5.00 for seniors and youths, and $7.00 for adults.

The lecture provided an historical perspective of Nikola Tesla, highlighting his unique place among the scientific minds of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Tesla's approach to problem solving was discussed with a focus on wireless communications, a major issue of his day. The significance of Tesla's contribution to our existing radio system was also addressed. The real possibility of a wireless communications system based upon the Zenneck-Sommerfeld solution to Maxwell's Equations describing a ground-wave propagation mode was argued. Included in the talk were demonstrations with reproduced electrical instruments such as were actually used by Tesla. The evening presentation provided the audience with a look at the scientific world in which Tesla performed his work and the problems that he and his contemporaries faced.

A second lecture at this same venue took place on October 16, 1997. This lecture, entitled NIKOLA TESLA RECONSIDERED IN THE LIGHT OF MODERN SCIENTIFIC THOUGHT, was given by the world renowned Tesla authority Dr. James F. Corum. Some of Nikola Tesla's principal undertakings were described from the perspective of contemporary physics and electrical engineering. Documented evidence was provided showing the results which Tesla achieved are real and reproducible. This presentation provided the audience with a fascinating look at the works of this visionary genius and their potential impact on our future society.

These lectures are part of the Nikola Tesla Lecture Series, being brought to you by the Friends of Science East, Inc., P.O. Box 552, Shoreham, NY 11786. For additional information please call (631) 929-8685.

Tesla Wardenclyffe Project, Inc.
P. O. Box 8041
Breckenridge, CO 80424-8041