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Early in 1997 the Tesla Wardenclyffe Project purchased historian Leland Anderson's archive of some 750 photos related to Tesla's life and work.  It is believed to be the largest collection of its type in the world outside of the holdings of the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade.  The images concern Tesla's life and his career, laboratories, apparatus, celebrations, and commemorative events following his death.  You can view written descriptions of the contents of the volumes, and read about our rates and leasing information.

All photographs are 1997 by the Tesla Wardenclyffe Project. All rights reserved.

Move your pointer over any of the images below to view its caption, CLICK to see a larger version. Please note that in addition to being a gallery or exhibit, the TWP photo archive is a sampling of what is available for leasing for commercial and private use. For a donation of $35 you will receive a watermarked print of your choice.

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)
Tesla Portrait, 1893    Tesla Portrait, circa 1904    Tesla Portrait, 1919    Tesla Portrait, circa 1920    Tesla Portrait, 1933    Tesla outside his hotel room, circa 1934    Tesla Portrait, circa 1935    

AC Machinery
Tesla with some of his early induction motors -- EM008    Columbian004 500 H.P. Motor.jpg (12982 bytes)    

Columbian Exposition

Niagara Falls Adams Power Plant
The world's first commercial AC generators. -- NF 021
    Nameplate on one of the Niagara generators. -- # 18

Houston Street Research Laboratory, etc.
Tesla's laboratory at 46 & 48 East Houston Street in New York City. -- # 07    The New York oscillator in action. -- # 06    An early example of the magnifier configuration, ca. 1898. -- # 05    A lecture on high-frequency lighting presented at Columbia College in 1891. -- # 35

Colorado Springs Experimental Wireless Station

"The Colorado Springs Experimental Station" -- # 14    Nikola Tesla and his giant magnifying transmitter in Colorado Springs. -- # 15    The Colorado Springs oscillator extra coil discharging. -- # 10   The Colorado Springs oscillator with multiple resonators -- CS 018   A rare shot of the second large Colorado Springs oscillator in an early stage of development. -- # 13    Tesla's experimental station at Colorado Springs, capacitor bank, etc. -- # 08    A closeup of some Colorado Springs oscillator components. -- # 09    One of Tesla's assistants at the variable-inductance crank, Colorado Springs experimental station, 1899. -- # 12    An ante room off the main experimental area of the Colorado Springs lab. -- # 11

Wardenclyffe World Wireless Telecommunications Station
"The Wardenclyffe Plant for Worldwide Telecommunications" -- WP001    Tesla's behemoth tower for trans-Atlantic wireless communications and the demonstration of wireless power transmission. -- WP010    Tesla's Wardenclyffe plant on Long Island in partial stage of completion. -- WP003    A side view of Tesla's Wardenclyffe plant. -- WP016    Interior view of Tesla's Wardenclyffe plant showing various electrical apparati. [1] -- WP004    Interior view of Tesla's Wardenclyffe plant showing various electrical apparati. [2]  -- WP005    Interior view of Tesla's Wardenclyffe laboratory, ca. 1905. -- WP019    Interior view of Tesla's Wardenclyffe laboratory, ca.1912. -- WP018    Interior view of Tesla's Wardenclyffe plant, workshop area. -- WP014    200 kilowatt, 3-phase Westinghouse alternating current generator. -- WP015    Base of tower at Tesla's Wardenclyffe plant, inner rim. -- WP028    Base of tower at Tesla's Wardenclyffe plant collapsing. -- WP024    Base of tower at Tesla's Wardenclyffe plant collapsed. -- WP025    

Peerless Site.jpg (1483865 bytes)    

Tesla Wireless Telecommunications Apparatus
A U.S. Navy shipboard transmitter manufactured under Nikola Tesla's patents. -- # 25   
Tesla's Static Eliminator, a variable coupling radio-frequency transformer. [1] -- #27    Tesla's Static Eliminator, a variable coupling radio-frequency transformer. [2] -- # 28

Tesla Turbo-Machinery
A demonstration water pump used by Tesla. -- # 29    A blower designed by Tesla, manufactured by the American and British Manufacturing Company. -- # 31    One of Tesla's experimental turbine-generators. -- # 30    "Tesla's Turbo-Generator" [1] -- # 32    "Tesla's Turbo-Generator" [2] -- # 33    A turbo-generator for a locomotive headlight, designed by Tesla for the Pyle National Company. -- # 34

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